Tibra open-sources its Quant Finance course on GitHub


Tibra recently sponsored the development of a quant trading course for our graduate quant traders. While we quickly realised the immediate benefit of delivering a world-class training program internally, we recently made the additional decision to open-source the entire program on GitHub.

Riaz Khan from Tibra’s London team explains why we’re confident that this is the right move for Tibra and for the community.

Tell us a bit more about the course

Riaz:  It has evolved through our graduate training programme. A scientific foundation underpins our investment process and as such, our continued success depends on our quants having a strong foundation in Data Science. Training has always been a pillar of progression in the company, with the launch of this course we are aiming to formalise a large part of it under a consistent and effective structure.

So, why have you decided to make it available to everyone?

Riaz: There were actually a few reasons as to why it made sense…

As a firm we are at the cutting edge of using scientific techniques in the pursuit of ‘alpha’. The boundaries here are always shifting onwards and upwards and our training needs to keep pace with this evolution. The whole ethos and purpose of open source is to develop, refine and build something better through the collective community so it seemed like a natural direction to go down.

We have also been a large consumer of open source libraries over the years which have really helped accelerate our growth. In a sense, it feels ‘right’ to give something back to the community in the shape of this course.

And finally, we think this is a great way to reach a wider audience, to get a sense of some of the work we do at Tibra in real time.

So, this course could be a way for someone to find out if a career in quant trading is for them?

Riaz: Absolutely. Of course, you would want to do it in conjunction with other activities like researching different companies, going to careers fairs and speaking to people in the industry. But doing this course is a fantastic way to really get an understanding of the day-to-day work of a quant trader and to develop your skills. We think it takes up to a month in total to complete, but you can do it at your own pace.  

Do the Tibra graduate employees do exactly the same course as the one available on GitHub?

Riaz: The course content is the same. However, if you are doing it as part of your training at Tibra then you will have access to walk-in seminars with the course authors. And naturally you will be encouraged to work with your team leader and mentor to apply your learnings to real-world scenarios.

Sounds great. Where do I sign up?

Go to https://github.com/PythonCharmers/QuantFinance

Find out more about the Tibra Graduate Programme here: https://www.tibra.com/careers/


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