At Tibra, the health and wellbeing of our people is one of the most important things.  With an already impressive offering of global health and wellbeing initiatives including exercise equipment allowances, mental health app subscriptions, volunteering, healthy catering, massages, personal training, etc, 2022 saw the launch of Tibra Move!

Tibra Move! is a core pillar of Tibra’s culture and overall health and wellbeing strategy. We want to go beyond just encouraging people to be physical – we want a healthy, active and engaged team to be a core fiber of Tibra’s culture so that physical activity becomes a natural part of our working week.

Evidence shows by increasing activity by as little as 30mins per day can have lasting benefits to a person’s happiness, health and overall wellbeing, as well as their productivity and engagement at work. We care about our people and their health and we include movement as part of our working day and week!

Move! is organised and/or ad hoc social physical activities, such as tennis, pilates, running, walking, swimming (especially in our Austinmer office which is a stone’s throw from the beach!!), etc, that occur during work hours and employees are encouraged to find time to participate in these activities.

Tibra recognises that people have very busy lives outside of work, so by giving its employees this time during the working day to focus on their health is a top priority.


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