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Project Seagrass and Tibra braving cold waters

During Autumn of 2021 Matthew from Tibra had the pleasure in taking part in a Project Seagrass day in North Wales, UK.
After a gruelling 04:00am start, the day began with a quick run down of the human impacts on seagrasses around the globe, and the important role seagrass plays in local biodiversity, water clarity and the potential carbon sequestration from restoring meadows.
After the initial debrief, it was time to brave the cold waters as the sun rose.  While there was no seal encounter, the highlight was finding a large lobster, (though it was not caught for lunch!).
Post swimming was a warm lunch at a local pub, where the founders gave a detailed history of their seagrass work all over the world, and how Tibra’s involvement has added them to select new sites for seagrass restoration, something they expressed great gratitude for.
More information Project Seagrass can be found here.


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