Tibra Capital Foundation

As the Philanthropic arm of the Tibra group, the Tibra Capital Foundation’s aim is not just to support worthy causes, but also to inspire further action amongst those that witness our efforts. All of the Foundation’s efforts aim to have a multiplier effect, encouraging others to give time, money and thought to the causes which are meaningful in their lives.

Volunteer days

We give our employees leave to attend our TCF events.


We host on/off-site workshops for our employees to engage with charities.

We’ll match Ya

We match our employees’ charity donations up to a generous cap.

Fundraising opportunities

When our employees fundraise, we also match what they raise to a set limit.

Team challenges

We encourage our employees to team up and take part in challenges to support their chosen charity.

Charities we have supported

The Foundation exists for Tibra staff, Directors, and their families. For this reason we only accept proposals internally and do not seek or invite requests directly from charities.

Get in touch

Inspired by our founders’ success, our vision is to continue our growth as a high-performing investment firm, establishing our reputation as a leader in our industry.

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