Tibra Capital Foundation: Giving goods, generating kindness

Tibra Capital Foundation

17 Tibra team members from the Australian offices recently rolled up their sleeves and donned hi vis vests as part of the Tibra Capital Foundation Volunteer Day for Good360.


Good360 is a matchmaker, connecting the spare brand-new goods of businesses with Australians who need them most. All Not-for-Profits and eligible schools, Australia wide, can access these goods to help their communities, such as toys to family violence shelters, dinnerware sets to aged care facilities and notebooks for disadvantaged schools. Good360’s goal is for nothing useful to lie unused.  


The Tibra team spent the day working hard at the Good360 Smithfield Warehouse. Rented for $1 AUD per year from founding supporter Goodman, it holds millions of dollars’ worth of brand-new products, which would otherwise end up in a landfill.


It’s a fantastic scheme, invaluable for both society and environment. But it depends on hundreds of (wo)man-hours per week re-packaging goods and sending them out.  Enter team Tibra, whose patented competitiveness was put to good use, organising production lines that blew through the work.


All the Tibra volunteers ended the day tired but energised by the opportunity to get stuck into the work and provide a small, but meaningful, dent into the work of such as valuable cause.  


Caption: The Tibra team showing their mettle at the Good360 Volunteer Day

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