Thinking outside the box with Auckland University of Technology MAs


At Tibra we are driven by two things: developing the best trading strategies and finding top-notch people with a STEM background, who are keen to use their skills and be challenged in a financial R&D environment.

So, what better way to combine the two, think outside the box and challenge some of the best Data Analytics students to come up with ideas for using data in talent recruitment strategies.

We recently visited Auckland University of Technology and, as part of the careers fair program, challenged some of their Master’s students to put their skillset in data analytics and machine learning to use and come up with ideas for using data in talent recruitment strategies.

The AUT students came up with a host of insights and ideas, including harnessing Artificial Intelligence to improve psychometric testing, numerical performance and using data to get a deeper understanding of inductive reasoning and personality traits in candidates. Walking them through the approaches we use in our talent team, we were able to explore how data analytics can be used outside of conventional applications.

Of course, applicants are human beings and not data points. For us, finding a methodology to identify the best candidates requires combining data with good old-fashioned human judgement. That also means that the ‘recruitment process’ doesn’t just stop when a graduate signs on the dotted line. Rather, it’s an ongoing journey. We think offering our employees a dynamic and exciting work environment, ongoing learning and development and a place where they can have fun while working makes a winning formula.

AUT was one of many Universities we visited in Australia and New Zealand in Autumn. It was fantastic to meet so many talented students from a range of disciplines. At Tibra, we offer high performing graduates the opportunity to put their skills into practice in a challenging and dynamic environment. We’re looking for graduates from financial mathematics, engineering and the sciences with a curiosity for financial markets, but a finance background isn’t needed.

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