Trainee Quant Trade Developer

What attracted you to a career in financial services?

I studied Physics and Philosophy at the University of Oxford.  Early in my studies, I started to become interested in a career in trading as I liked the idea of the types of problems which they seemed to be working on. Both in terms of specific algorithms and looking at the general principles of complex problems and working out the best decision paths.  

Why did you join Tibra?

Tibra provided opportunities for me to develop my experience in both research and development: to become involved throughout the process. It felt like other firms might want to pigeon-hole you early on. I like that I can still actively write code and generate ideas about implementing them. I’m currently working in a narrow area of trading, but I get to use the full range of tools and continually test and challenge myself.  

What has been the best bit about working for Tibra?

Early on in 2019 I got the opportunity to do a three-month secondment from the London office to Austinmer. Some of the projects we were working on needed to bring together different expertise from across the regions and it became obvious that the best way to progress was for the whole team to be based in the same location for a short, but intensive, period.

How did you find working in a different office and country?   

For me it was the first time I’d ever left Europe, so I leapt at the chance to work in a different country. But because it was still with Tibra, the working culture was very similar.  Everyone was friendly and collaborative. It was very easy to approach people and ask for their opinions which helps enormously when you are trying to help develop new strategies.

How was it different to working in London?

Arriving in the middle of the Australian summer was fantastic.  I lived in an apartment which the company organised for me just a five-minute walk from the office. And I aimed to swim in the ocean every day! I also spent some time in the Sydney office so got to experience more of the big City environment.

What did you enjoy the most in Australia?

Other than spending the British winter in Australia, you mean?! Besides the weather it was a great professional experience. I got to spend time with – and properly get to know – other people in the business. It was important to me that I went there for a specific purpose – not just to make up the numbers or for the experience in itself. I was there to work on a specific project and given the responsibility and freedom to go ahead and make it happen.  That was incredibly rewarding.

Interested in following Toby’s path as a graduate trainee?  Find out more here

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