Tibra Accelerator Program

Year One

Your first 12 months will set you up with the skills and experience needed to evolve strategies on the High Frequency Trading desks.
This first year is structured around 3 learning blocks, designed to cover various HF Trading competencies.

Block 1


You will learn how to apply fundamental software development skills within High Frequency Equities. This block is foundational to your future career as a quant.

Block 2


This block will apply your software development skills from Block 1 in a quant environment, while beginning to expose you to the fundamentals of financial markets and the use of tools such as python for analysing datasets.



You will work with a 1:1 mentor on an assigned strategy. You will learn to apply your skills from previous blocks and see how QTDs combine their software development skills and deep understanding of market micro structures to solve real-world execution problems. You will learn how to efficiently and effectively run the complete trading strategy process from research through to execution and monitoring. 

Year Two

During your next 12 months you will start working on more complicated strategies. A large focus of year two is a technical trader rotation aimed to increase knowledge of different products, strategies and trading techniques. Your second year with us is on the job training with dedicated mentors and is closely monitored through our performance management process.

How you will learn

Your training program will be led by some of the best skilled subject matter experts in Tibra and is based on a 70:20:10 model:


On the job


Peer Learning


Formal training

You will be working on real tasks in order to get exposure to trading infrastructure and activities and develop your knowledge of the components of trading strategy evolution.

For the first six months you will be working together with other QTDs on similar tasks

  • Tibra University classrooms and e-learning
  • Masterclasses run by our Senior Traders across the business on specific topics
  • Soft skills training

Performance Feedback

You will learn by receiving regular performance feedback from your trainers and program curator

Personal Development

You will have access to our online library to enhance your development via self-led revision/learning

Who will support you

Your Buddy

Your Buddy, who will answer all your basic questions regarding Tibra’s processes, tools and solutions.

Your Trainers

Your Trainers who are recognized as our best skilled employees and experts for each particular subject.

Your Team Leader

Your Team Leader and Heads of Departments who will have regular catch ups with you to discuss your learning progress.

The Curator of the Program

The Curator of the Tibra Graduate Program who  will regularly check in with you and our trainers to make sure our program is meeting its objectives.

Heads of Trading

Heads of Trading who will have monthly breakfast/lunchtime chats.

Get in touch

Inspired by our founders’ success, our vision is to continue our growth as a high-performing investment firm, establishing our reputation as a leader in our industry.

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