Technical Trader - Fixed Income

  • Market making and trading in listed Euribor and Sterling options  

  • Providing quotes to brokers in an accurate and timely fashion  

  • Building and maintaining these relationships with brokers  

  • Maintaining our theoretical price model in line with the market  

  • Managing and understanding the various risks of our position and each trade  

  • Effectively communicating trade and market information amongst the desk  

  • Providing information to management and traders on other desks detailing our market conditions, and any relevant information.  

  • Mentoring, Training and developing junior staff  

  • Continuing to look for and investigate new trading opportunities to further the pnl  

  • Trading within risk and margin limits  

  • Being registered and approved to trade on the relevant exchange  

  • Understanding and trading within Market Rules 


London, UK

Employment Type




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