Talent Advisor

What does a typical day look like for you?

Due to the regional time differences my morning usually starts with meetings with the team in Australia. We have a daily 10am all employee stand-up to talk through our results, relevant pieces of work and news articles. It’s a good insight into what other teams across the business are working on. The nature of my role is quite project based and depending on the time of year my focus shifts. It’s always a balancing act between my daily tasks, recruitment and bigger projects, but that’s what keeps it interesting. I like to get out of the office for a break so will often head to a gym class over lunch with some of the team.

What makes Tibra different?

People take a keen interest in each other’s futures and really want you to succeed. If you have a particular skillset or interest area then I’ve found my manager has always been happy to let me explore it. Tibra really is a place where if you have an idea, you are encouraged to run with it. There’s also a real push on learning and development (both internal and external) which has meant that I’ve been able to attend lots of training to help me do my job better. It’s competitive, but in the right way and at the end of the day ideas are valued no matter who they come from. It’s also okay to fail, we really view this as an opportunity to learn.

How would you describe Tibra to a friend?

Tibra is a place where the cogs never stop moving. We’re constantly innovating and looking for creative new ways of doing things. People don’t take themselves too seriously; it’s not uncommon to see people riding scooters through the office or kicking a football along the corridor, but at the same time smashing out some pretty cutting-edge work. I think this is indicative of the open and flat structure.

Why did you join Tibra?

Throughout any interview process I’m always trying to work out who will I be working with, what will I be able to learn and what impact could I make. I had a couple of offers when I chose Tibra and what really tipped it for me was the people. I wanted an environment where I would be mentored, but also be given the opportunity to apply my skills and experience. At Tibra, I saw evidence of an environment with smart people where I would be able to learn.

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