Head of Legal & Compliance

What does a typical day look like for you?

Being a global firm, I will often start the day catching up on news and developments from the global team overnight. At 10am each day, we have a group daily wrap, which gives everyone a chance to get across what’s new in the world and markets. Then I usually have project work that’s focussed on advancing our business mission, I’ll give legal advice or have meetings with various areas of the firm, I might go the group fitness session provided by the firm, and in the afternoons, I usually have catch ups with people in the Europe team – as we wrap up our day and they start theirs.

What makes Tibra different?

There is a clear sense of our mission at Tibra, and you can see how the work you perform directly supports the business to achieve it. Tibra is an energetic, truly global, and collaborative firm that continually strives for success. For instance, there is a big emphasis on learning and opportunity, and you can really grow in the business and be rewarded in a short period of time if you take advantage of these opportunities.

Tell us something you’ve learned at Tibra?

Since starting at Tibra, I have expanded my skills and learned new ones, both in my core function area and from a technical perspective.  In my first week I did Python training, which is not something you get taught in law school! Learning Python and using it in our workflow software has really made me see the power of data to report on metrics and tell you where your strengths are and what areas I need to improve. At Tibra, we are very data driven, and being familiar with software code – even at a corporate level – is crucial.

Why did you join Tibra?

Having previously worked at an exchange, I was aware of Tibra as a trading firm that was growing and making an impact. The recruitment process for Tibra is quite an experience – I met with all of the key people in the business on a number of occasions and really used those opportunities to ask questions and get a feel for my role, the culture of the organisation, and its values. I had a positive opinion through this process and felt like I could really make an impact in this organisation.