Who are we

Tibra Capital was founded in 2006, bringing together some of the best traders and technology specialists to form an independently owned and operated securities trading house. From 17 employees, we now have over 220 employees and our Trading business operates in multiple markets across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.

Tibra Capital continues to grow and seek new opportunities capitalizing on its market knowledge and the experience of its people. The launch of Tibra Investment Management will see the company diversify into asset management and develop investment strategies for external investors.

Across the business, the secret to Tibra Capital’s success is the relentless pursuit of the best people and the best technology, given the freedom to excel and the support to reach their full potential.

Our success is founded on 5 core values:

  • Dynamic and driven to be the best
  • Leaders - Not Followers
  • The more Tibra earns, the more employees earn
  • No egos, please
  • Teamwork and collaboration


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