Who are we

Tibra Capital was founded in 2006, bringing together some of the best traders and technology specialists to form an independently owned and operated securities trading house. From 17 employees, we now have over 100 employees and our Trading business operates in multiple markets across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.

Our success is based on creating and leveraging market leading trading and technology. We employ the very best people across all our business units and provide them with the best tools and support to do a great job.


What is our vision?

Tibra aims to be a quantitative and systematic trading company with skilled and capable employees who have a thorough knowledge of the markets on which it trades.

To achieve this we need to develop and maintain frameworks that allow for the efficient evolution of our trading strategy.

The end result of this for Tibra, is a competitive tram aiming to be number one in their markets.


"Number One"      means that Tibra will be a leader in terms of profitability, market share, as well as being an
                             employer of choice.

"Quantitative"       means that decisions are based on measurement and research.

"Systematic"         means that our trading strategy is based around purposeful, regular and methodical procedures.


What is our mission?

To facilitate liquidity, price fairness and efficient allocation of capital in financial markets, leading to growth in our investors’ wealth.

Our success is founded on 3 core values:


  • We need to be extremely thorough and extremely disciplined to be successful in a highly competitive industry.
  • We value learning and education and promote this through our training programmes.
  • We should pride ourselves on personal and professional growth and so we can be the best we can possibly be.
  • We should love hte competition of the markets and be driven to be number one in our markets.
  • We need to respect all ideas and collaborate freely - hence an ego free work environment is important.


  • We are determined to succeed and build value for our investors, which in turn will lead to value growth for all our stakeholders - now and into the future.
  • We believe the key to a successful trading firm is the efficient evolution of trading strategies.
  • We believe effective and thorough risk management across all aspects of our firm is vital.
  • We should be scientific in the approach to all aspects of our business - documenting everything, measuring incremental change and basing decisions off data.


  • We promote market integrity by upholding the letter and spirit of financial services laws.
  • We encourage initiatives that promote investor confidence in financial markets, since at the highest level, this confidence underpins our success.
  • We are part of a process contributing to efficient capital markets, a key factor contributing to the success of our broader society.
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